Tuesday, January 2, 2018

In March 2015 Kentucky Hillbilly YouTube User 'HnRe42' Gets My Video Banned...Read The Story Here

Update 10-5-15: Six months after I shot a video while standing at a checkout line at a Florida Harbor Freight store that had two 20something girls in shorts and tank top (standard summer clothes), it was reported as inappropriate by YouTube user HnRe42. It offended him. Now my account is back in good standing on YouTube. But I'm still pissed at Rob,(aka HnRe42) for what he did, so I'm leaving this blog up to remind people every day of the low life punks and snitches like Rob that are on YouTube. He jeopardized my my freedom and ability to be on YouTube.

For the second time since I've been on YouTube, a video of mine has been kicked off there. How? Simple. All it takes is one mean, stinking jerk to make that happen. The first person that flagged a video of mine on YouTube that resulted in it being kicked off I've lost track of. But the second person I've identified. YouTube user Rob, aka, HnRe42. For some reason he came out of nowhere complaining about a video I shot at a Harbor Freight checkout line that included a shapely 21+ year old girl in short shorts and tank top paying for her purchase. And there was also an older man and woman behind her in the video.

People are offended at so many things in the world. And on YouTube that is certainly the case. Many people apparently have such a pathetic, boring life, they probably spend many hours a day looking to start trouble online. So it doesn't take much to set lots of them off. Both my videos that were flagged and subsequently banned from YouTube were of attractive over 21+ year old girls standing in a checkout line. One in a dress and the other in shorts and tank top. And other people were all around them. Whoa pretty shocking footage. Call out the National Guard.

Many people do not understand that filming and photography in a public place is perfectly legal. And what is a public place? According to the website U.S. Legal Dot Com, "A public place is generally an indoor or outdoor area, whether privately or publicly owned, to which the public have access by right or by invitation, expressed or implied, whether by payment of money or not, but not a place when used exclusively by one or more individuals for a private gathering or other personal purpose".

Here are two comments made by user HnRe42 on my Harbor Freight girl video:

1- "You just straight up without her permission gave ANYONE on youtube this young ladies personal information! Her name, phone number, and address! Why would possibly think that is ok"?

2- "awesome! Thanks for the publicity! I will proudly take my stance over and over again! It's odd that I don't see any posative comments on this video...you ever wonder why? That seems to be a trend on your perv vidoes...I didn't see any posative comments on your Harbor Freight girl video either. I heard others saying similar things to myslef on this video".

Here is a second comment made on another of my videos by hillbilly Rob:

2- it's all good buddy.....be proud to have a granny panty fetish! But then there was the barely IF she was legal girl at Harbor Freight! Do you have a daughter, little sister, or in your fetish case grandmother? How would you like to see some pictures or video on YouTube of her having some pervert creep standing behind her filming her from her waist to her toes while playing pocket pool!?!?

So now meet YouTube user Rob, aka, HnRe42 below. The 42 probably stands for his IQ. He is the hillbilly who flagged my video 'A Really Sexy Girl At Harbor Freight Checkout In Sarasota Florida 3-20-15' video. Apparently he either finds sexy girls in short shorts and a tank top at a checkout counter highly offensive, or he just felt like being an asshole to a total stranger. I would say it was the latter. And how do I know it was Rob who flagged my video? He is the only person who left nasty and insulting comments on the aforementioned video. A real piece of work this guy. But I guess he's just a product of his environment as proven by his distinctive backwoods accent. Anyway his charm and personality just oozes with each syllable muttered.

Update: Since I've put this blog up, I've been getting lots of YouTube gun owners subscribing to me that are connected directly or indirectly with Hillbilly Rob HnRe42. I don't know any of these people, and most have no videos. That was a huge red flag. Nice try you everyone. No way any of these individuals found me out of the blue, and they've certainly never commented on any of my videos.

So a warning to other people with YouTube channels. Be careful with your video titles. That is how many dirt bag pukes like HnRe42 can target your items. Hopefully you won't be unlucky like me. Thanks for seeing here.